First Consult Process

You want to book a consultation, but don't know what the process will be like? What do you do to prepare for your first consultation? Hopefully the information below will provide you with some answers. If not, don't hesitate to contact us. 

Confirmation email: 

When you decide to book a consult you will be sent an email confirming your appointment. The email will contain all the details about the appointment and how we will communicate. 

New client forms: 

After you book your appointment, please download and fill out the new client forms. The client forms are to ensure you understand our policies, and provides me information on your health concerns. It is recommended to send the forms prior to your appointment so we can better prepare for you. 

This can be found under First Consult > New Client Forms or Click Here. You can choose to email me these at OR upload it to dropbox at least 24hrs before the consultation OR you can wait until the appointment. 


The appointment will take place online via chat/video messaging system. We use a Skype messaging platform where we can chat and video call. In the email you will receive a link to connect to Skype messaging system that is linked to Dogwood Naturopathic. On the day and time of the appointment you will log into the Skype and wait to be messaged or called by us. Outside of the appointment, you can email us at We will reply as soon as possible, in a timely manner. Please allow 24hrs for a reply. 

Health Recommendations: 

The first appointment serves as a means to understand your health concerns and goals. You may or may not receive detail health recommendations on the first appointment. One of the recommendations may be for you to complete a diary, or to gets some recommended labs done; both will require a follow up appointment to go over the detail recommendation plan. Disclaimer: Your health will only improve with the amount of work you put in. This is not a quick-fix, medical treatment plan. Any specialty labs and supplements are to be ordered and paid by the client. 

Have a Primary Care Physician:

We highly recommend that you have a primary care physician (PCP). We are not primary care physician or a licensed health care professional, nor do we act as one. We are open to working with your medical doctor, and, at times, we may need to have communicate with them about your health. Your health is of the upmost importance and we want to collaborate as part of your healthcare team.



We do not accept insurance for our services. You may contact your insurance carrier and inquire about reimbursement for wellness consultations. We will provide you with a receipt that you can submit, or let us know what they require and we can help provide you the correct information. Health and Flex Spending Accounts (HSA/FSA) may cover wellness consultations, but we recommend asking your HSA/FSA company is our services are covered. 

Disclaimer: Jorge Reveron, ND is not a M.D. or D.O. The State of Texas does not license or recognize naturopathic doctors. Dr. Reveron maintains an active naturopathic medical license in the State of Arizona, and acts as a wellness consultant in the State of Texas. This site does not provide medical or health care advice. The recommendations provided are not intended to diagnose, treat, or cure any disease, and is not a replacement or substitute for those of a licensed medical practicioner in the State of Texas. Please consult your licensed physician for all your health care needs. 

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